Johannes Gehrke
Technical Fellow, Microsoft


Johannes Gehrke is a Technical Fellow at Microsoft in the Office Product Group working on Big Data, machine learning, and distributed systems. From 1999 to 2015, Johannes was the Tisch University Professor at Cornell University in the Department of Computer Science, where his biggest achievement were the 25 PhD students he graduated and all the students he taught and excited about Big Data. Johannes received the 2011 IEEE Computer Society Technical Achievement Award, the ACM SIGMOD 2011 best paper award, the IEEE ICDE 2017 ten-year best paper award, and he is an ACM Fellow. Johannes co-authored the undergraduate textbook Database Management Systems (McGrawHill (2002), currently in its third edition), used at universities all over the world. He was program co-chair of ACM KDD 2004, VLDB 2007, IEEE ICDE 2012, SOCC 2014, and IEEE ICDE 2015.

Talk Information

  • Big Data: What is Next?
  • 9:50 am refreshments 10:00 am lecture
  • 2650 SMBB Sorensen Molecular Biology Building

  • Abstract
    Companies today flock to the cloud to join a secure ecosystem with rich building blocks. I will first describe how the cloud changed the notion of data management, from an ACID box product to scale-out key-value stores to today’s cross-datacenter multi-master database systems again with strong consistency. Latency between different data centers is limited by the speed of light, impacting how we can scale cross-datacenter transactions. I will talk about a new method based on transaction analysis that achieves strong consistency for transaction while minimizing communication between data centers. I will conclude with some lessons from moving from academia to industry.


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