Jian Li
Assistant Professor, IIIS, Tsinghua


Jian Li is currently an assistant professor at Institute for Interdisciplinary Information Sciences (IIIS, previously ITCS), Tsinghua University, headed by Prof. Andrew Yao. He got his BSc degree from Sun Yat-sen (Zhongshan) University, China, MSc degree in computer science from Fudan University, China and PhD degree in the University of Maryland, USA. His major research interests lie in the broad area of theoretical computer science, machine learning and databases. He co-authored several research papers that have been published in major computer science conferences and journals. He received the best paper awards at VLDB 2009 and ESA 2010. He is also a recipient of the "221 Basic Research Plan for Young Faculties" at Tsinghua University and the "new century excellent talents award" by Ministry of Education of China.

Talk Information

  • Multi-armed Bandits,Online Learning and Sequential Prediction
  • 2016/09/06 2:00 to 3:00pm
  • ECE Conference Room, MEB 3237

  • Abstract
    Online learning (or sequential prediction) has been a very active research area in machine learning. I will give a very brief introduction to online learning. Then, I will focus on a very popular model in online learning, the stochastic multi-armed bandit model, and present some of our recent theoretical results on combinatorial bandits and the pure-exploration multi-armed bandit problems. If time permits, I will also talk about some practical projects our group has done on online and sequential prediction in traffic related applications -- including a deep learning based prediction algorithm, which won the 2nd place (among 1650 teams all over the world) and the most potential award in Didi (China's version of Uber) taxi supply-demand prediction competition.

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