Jun Tang
Master Student. Google.

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  • STORM: Spatio-Temporal Online Reasoning and Management of Large Spatio-Temporal Data (Project Website), Talk
    By Robert Christensen ,    Lu Wang,    Feifei Li,    Ke Yi,    Jun Tang,    Natalee Villa
    In Proceedings of 34th ACM SIGMOD International Conference on Management of Data (SIGMOD 2015), pages 1111-1116, Melbourne, Australia, 2015.

    We present the STORM system to enable spatio-temporal online reasoning and management of large spatio-temporal data. STORM supports interactive spatio-temporal analytics through novel spatial online sampling techniques. Online spatio-temporal aggregation and analytics are then derived based on the online samples, where approximate answers with approximation quality guarantees can be provided immediately from the start of query execution. The quality of these online approximations improve over time. This demonstration proposal describes key ideas in the design of the STORM system, and presents the demonstration plan.