Zhao Chang
PhD Student. Research Interest: Secure data systems and analytics.
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Min Du
PhD student. Research Interest: machine learning techniques for system mining.
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Debjyoti Paul
PhD Student. Research Interest: learning driven big data analytics.
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Dong Xie
PhD student. Research Interest: big spatial data systems. Distributed systems.
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Zhuoyue Zhao
PhD Student, Research Interests: distributed systems,big data analytics.
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Guineng Zheng
PhD Student. Research Interest: knowledge base construction and application.
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Neeka Ebrahimi
Master student.

Ya Gao
Master student.

Jason Voung
BS/MS Student

Yuwei Wang
Master student.


Dyllon Gagnier
REU undergraduate.

Madeline MacDonald
Undergraduate student.


Steven Burgart
Undergraduate Student

Robert Christensen
Master/PhD student. Now at Visa Research.
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Rui Dai
Master Student. Now at Airbnb

Justin DeBrabant
Undergraduate Student (Now PhD Student at Brown)

Chenxu Ding
Master student graduated in 2013. Now at Epic.

Jonathan Dunstan
Master student. Maverick.

Elijah Grubb
REU undergraduate.

Cody Hansen
Master Student graduated in Spring 2013.
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Kun Hou
Master student. Now at Teradata
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Jeffrey Jestes
PhD Student, Graduated in summer 2013. Current employment: Cerner Corporation
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Wangchao Le
PhD student graduated in 2013. Now at Microsoft.
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Yi Li
Undergraduate student.

Jiyuan Li
Master student. Now at Amazon.

Diming Lu
Master Student

Fei Luo
Master student. Fuhu.

Namita Mahtta
Master student, graduated in Spring 2013. First employment: Goldman Sachs.

Oscar Marshal
BS/MS student, Fall 2015.

Vanessa Cedeño Mieles
Master Student (Instructor at ESPOL)

Klemen Simonic
Graduated with Master Summer 2015. First Employment: Facebook.

Mingwang Tang
PhD Student. Graduated in Summer 2014. Current Employment: Uber.
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Jun Tang
Master Student. Google.
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Kilari Murali Krishna Teja
Master Student. Finicity

Natalee Ann Villa
Master student. Graduated in Summer 2015. First employment: Adobe.

Limou Wang
Master student. Turn, Yahoo.

Mengyang Wang
Master Student. Graduated in Spring 2015. Current employment: Microsoft.

Bin Yao
PhD Student (Associate Professor at Shanghai Jiao Tong University)
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Xin Yu
Master student.
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Yupeng Zhang
Master student graduated in Fall 2015. First Employment: Amazon

Chi Zhang
Graduated with PhD Fall 2013. Now at Walmart Labs.
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